Things I don't Like About Comic Books

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I get irritated by Marvel comics far too often. I’m 41, for Odin’s sake. But, I’m going to get it out there – I read comic books. I enjoy them. Some, I enjoy like you enjoy a good movie. Some I enjoy like you enjoy a train wreck.

Ok, so recent disappointments from Marvel. Original Sin. This could have been really decent. But instead, it was super weird, with a ridiculous ending. I mean, Nick Fury is now some chained weird human Watcher variant? Ug. And, here is a chance to do some cool stuff with the Marvel Universe, but the coolest thing we get an unrevealed secret that makes Thor unworthy of his hammer. The rest of it was shit.

The Death of Wolverine – another ridiculous opportunity thrown away by Marvel. I’m too tired to go on a tirade about it, but…lame.

How about the long ass, never resolving story about Incursions? I mean, what is even happening? I have no idea where this stupid story is going.

So, anyway. I’m not wordy enough to touch on every detail (or lack thereof) that makes these stories so awful. But..they are.

The End.



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