Star Wars VII : Quit Your Bitching

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People are already speculating, in a negative way, about Star Wars VII – based off an 88 second teaser trailer!!

I’ve read such amazing things as:

1 – Ermerghad, a Storm Trooper can’t be black; they are all clones of Ding Dong Fett! My reply; just because a guy is wearing a Storm Trooper costume doesn’t mean he’s a Storm Trooper. You know who else wore a Storm Trooper costume? Luke. Han. I mean, come on.

2 – DERPDY DERP! That lightsaber is ridiculous! Really?? You know the backstory on that lightsaber? Me neither! So, I can’t have an opinion, can I? Nope. Nope I can’t.

Listen, here is the new hope for you. A Star Wars movie where George Lucas isn’t dropping a steamer on the dialogue, plot or your childhood. Even if it’s bad, it’s better. Really – think about it.



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